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New Monkeydoos DVD Gets Kids Exercising!

Posted in Press Releases on August 23rd, 2006

For Immediate Release


Inspiring the Notion of Motion

 ‘Monkeydoos Learning Through Movement’

 DVD Series Continues Mission to Fight Childhood Obesity with


‘Monkeydoos Things That Go!’


Newest title in the Award-Winning ‘Monkeydoos’ DVD Series
Swings on to DVD September 19, 2006 from Mazzarella Media



Bristol, CT (August 23, 2006) – The Monkeydoos are back in town and they’re ready to move!  Taking your kids on another adventure on the road to adolescent fitness with “Monkeydoos Things That Go!,” the eagerly anticipated addition to the celebrated Monkeydoos Movement and Learning Series DVD library, swings in stores September 19, 2006 from Mazzarella Media.


The Monkeydoos DVD series engages young viewers with a program of simulated movements based on each video’s chosen theme, getting them off the couch and on their feet and helping to stave off childhood obesity – a growing epidemic nationwide– all the while creating a fun and energetic experience kids will enjoy again and again.  Recommended for ages two and older, “Monkeydoos Things That Go!” will be available for a suggested retail price of $14.95 for the VHS or DVD. 


“Monkeydoos Things That Go!” focuses on the world of vehicular motion – planes, trains, boats, etc. – combining live action footage of children with computer animation to teach various movements that mirror the featured vessels. 


Physical movement, especially when started at younger ages, has proven to develop motor and coordination skills that lead to prolonged health, emotional well-being, potential for improved academic performance, accelerated social adaptation and increased energy.  In a series of fun activities set to upbeat original songs, host Maureen Straub and her simian friends Flip, Tumble and Twist welcome youngsters to fly like planes, putter like choo-choo trains and sail like boats.


Songs like “Pogo Stick,” “My Magic Bicycle,” “My Little Red Scooter” and “Surf’s Up” focus on strengthening the legs and increasing balance, while “Paddleboat,” “My Canoe” and “Jet Plane” focus on developing the arms.  Stretching is a key part of “Sailboats” and “Hot Air Balloon,” while “Clickety Clack” and “Polly the Trolley” work the body overall.  And what kid doesn’t have a blast spinning around, which they can do with glee in “Whizzy the Helicopter.”


Monkeydoos CD soundtrack is also available for a suggested retail price of $12.95.  It includes all 12 songs from the DVD and is approximately 20 minutes.


The first title in the Monkeydoos DVD series, “Monkeydoos Gallop, Hop & Stomp” received rave reviews and a Parents’ Choice Approval award. “Gallop, Hop & Stomp” has been redone with new animation and is now called “Go, Go Animals.”


Mazzarella Media is an Emmy award-winning company that develops products to foster the fun and excitement of learning.  Their products are designed to get kids thinking about themselves and the world around them and to enhance intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth by stimulating the imagination, nurturing creativity and developing a love for learning.  For more information, visit or call toll free 1-800-477-7811.

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Series                           Monkeydoos Movement and Learning Series
Individual Title:              Monkeydoos Things That Go!
Category:                      Children; ages 3 and older
Street Date:                  September 19, 2006
Order Date:                  August 22, 2006
SRP:                             $14.95 for DVD or VHS; Includes noncommercial public performance rights.)
Running Time:               30 minutes                   
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StoryWatchers Club Christmas DVD to be Released This Fall

Posted in Press Releases on August 23rd, 2006

For Immediate Release


‘Tis the Season for Storytelling!


Delightful DVD Series Continues Children’s
 Journey into the Magical World of Narrative Performance


“StoryWatchers Club ™ Adventures in Storytelling: Christmas”
Available on DVD October 17, 2006 from Sax Media Group



Indianapolis, IN (August 23, 2006) – The talented troupe of renowned storytellers first introduced in the acclaimed StoryWatchers Club DVD series present delightful, humorous and thoughtful tales of the season in “StoryWatchers Club™ Adventures in Storytelling: Christmas,” delivering on to DVD October 17, 2006.


Produced by Charlotte and Eddie Sax of Sax Media Group, the StoryWatchers Club series brings together a collective of the nation’s most talented storytellers to impart to children ages 4-10 the importance of developing and using their imaginations, which will in turn help strengthen their listening verbal skills, inspire a yearning for reading and writing and learn a wonderful new way to communicate and share their experiences with others. 


Following the launch of the StoryWatchers Club DVD series with “Keys to Imagination” and “Good Character” earlier this year, the latest title, “StoryWatchers Club™ Adventures in Storytelling: Christmas,” is recommended for ages 4-10 and will retail for $19.95.  The 45-minute program features bonus extras including:
·         Meet the Storytellers section – interviews with each storyteller.
·         Kids Tell Stories Too! – children tell their favorite stories in their own unique and creative ways.
·         StoryWatchers Club sing-along music video.
·         The Making of StoryWatchers Club – behind-the-scenes fun!
·         Chapter selections.


In “StoryWatchers Club™: Christmas,” the multi-cultural club of puppet friends — Cody, Jada, Juan, Jordan, Kelly, Booker the Book and Riley the Bookworm – again enchantingly and humorously lead viewers from one story to the next.  Featured storytellers share engrossing Yuletide yarns that embrace the season and will have even the youngest of viewers eagerly awaiting the holidays.  


Kevin Cordi shares the tale “A Gift for Santa,” the story of a little girl in search of a very special gift for Santa.  Christine Petrell Kallevig invites viewers “Home for Christmas” and tells the tale of a little boy who, after coming to the aid of his disabled uncle, strives to make it home in time for the holiday.   It’s the night before Christmas and Santa is sick!  Can an eager elf find the right remedy in time?  Find out as Mary Jo Huff regales of how “Christmas is Cancelled!” And Michael R. Kasony-O’Malley engages youngsters with the story of the “Christmas Fairy of Strasburg,” a unique tale of the origin of the very first Christmas tree.


Storytelling is a time-honored community art that not only gives each culture its history but also adds value to education, makes learning fun, develops knowledge retention, inspires creativity and helps improve attention spans of even the youngest of viewers.  By skillfully utilizing an unlimited arsenal of gestures, facial expressions and verbal inflections, along with adeptly morphing and changing stories based on the reactions of the listeners, storytellers can engage children and lead them on countless adventures, entertaining and inspiring them while quite often subtly teaching morals, lessons and general kindnesses.


The initial titles in the launch “Keys to Imagination” and “Good Character” received rave reviews and several awards including iParenting Media Award "Best Products," Dove Family Foundation "Seal of Approval," Family Review Center Award, Telly Award, and the Film Advisory Board "Award of Excellence."


Future titles in the series include “World Folktales, Volume 1” and “Our Planet” to be released in February 2007.  To order StoryWatchers Club DVDs please call toll free 1-877-STORY98 (877-786-7998) or visit
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ThingamaKid Launches CD/DVD Series This Fall

Posted in Press Releases on August 23rd, 2006

For Immediate Release


Fun on the Run! (and at Home, Too!)


Launch of ThingamaKid Animated DVD/CD Double Disc Package Brings Non-Stop Entertainment to Families on the Go


Initial Titles “Toddler Toons” and “Action Bible Toons,”

Available September 26, 2006


“Christmas Toons” Available October 24, 2006


Franklin, TN (August 23, 2006)—Families are constantly on the go, go go!  But that doesn’t mean fun can’t be had on the way!  Be it at home or on the move, engaging, wholesome music entertainment goes right along with you thanks to the delightful new children’s DVD/CD combo disc series from ThingamaKid, starting with the company’s premiere titles “Toddler Toons,” “Action Bible Toons” and “Christmas Toons” on both DVD and CD in the same package.  


“Toddler Toons” and “Action Bible Toons” launch September 26 with “Christmas Toons” caroling into stores October 24, 2006.


Value priced at $9.99 each, this debut DVD/CD series, created by Nashville-based “animated music” label ThingamaKid and distributed by EMI, breathes new life into classic children’s sing-along songs through a unique DVD/CD combination package.  Ideal for children ages 2-5 years, the discs work in synergy with each other, entertaining youngsters visually at home and audibly in the car or vice versa! 


Each animated DVD (“Toons”) includes colorfully popping, playfully animated vignettes that will have kids singing and dancing along to their favorite toons (in English and Spanish).  There are also three educational shorts and ten karaoke video tracks for the future American Idol in every home. Each CD (“Tunes”) contains the same ten songs plus five bonus tracks, all with split-track performance versions included.


Because each release in this project includes both a music CD and an animated DVD, ThingamaKid products are available in both CD jewel cases and DVD amaray cases to offer retailers flexibility.  Both the jewel cans and the amaray case offer exactly the same programming contents.  Merchandising solutions are available through EMI, including shelf-talkers, flats and endcap kits (which can hold both formats).


“From the beginning, the vision for ThingamaKid was to be a label that would deliver music-based content to moms and kids on the go,” says Matt Huesmann, veteran producer, writer and creator/director of ThingamaKid, whose industry experience includes prior successes with VeggieTales sing-alongs, EMI Kid’s Worship Series, Golden Books “Pat the Bunny” and the multi-platinum selling Cedarmont Kids series. 


“The future of music sales lies in the realm of the visual.  That’s where ThingamaKid comes in. We are responding to the needs of today’s busy families,” continues Huesmann.  “Our discs are ideal for short trips around town.  Pop one into the car stereo (or DVD player!) and kids are engaged for the ride.  Then, when home, pop it into the home system and continue the fun!”


Favorite toddler classics are included on “Toddler Toons” DVD like “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes,” “The Butterfly Song,” “The Wheels on the Bus,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Pop! Goes the Weasel,” “This Old Man,” “Old MacDonald,” “The Alphabet Song” and more. “Toddler Tunes” CD includes bonus songs “Polly Put the Kettle On,” “Here We Go Loopty Loo” and “Baa Baa Black Sheep,” and more.


“Action Bible Toons” DVD is ideal for parents of faith who wish to introduce their youngsters to the traditional songs of the Christian faith, such as “Rise and Shine,” “Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho,” “Only a Boy Named David,” “Father Abraham,” and others. Bonus songs on “Action Bible Tunes” CD include “Jacob’s Ladder,” “Jesus Loves The Little Children,” “Jesus Loves Me” and more.


Herald in the season with the delightful “Christmas Toons” DVD, which includes favorite holiday treats like “Jingle Bells,” “Over the River and Through the Woods” and “We Three Kings.”  Bonus songs on Christmas Tunes CD include “Joy to the World,” “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” and “The First Noel.”


Three new ThingamaKid titles will be released in March 2007 with another two titles available early summer 2007. To order products call 1-877-GO4-TOON (877-464-8666) or visit


Title:                                       Toddler Toons DVD/Toddler Tunes CD
                                                Action Bible Toons DVD/Action Bible Tunes CD
Street Date:                          September 26, 2006
Title:                                       Christmas Toons DVD/Christmas Tunes CD
Street Date:                          October 24, 2006
SRP:                                        $9.99 each, includes noncommercial public performance rights
Category:                               Children, Ages 2-5 years
Running Time:                      Approx. 30 minutes each   

“”Mr. Christmas” Jingles onto DVD This Holiday Season

Posted in Press Releases on August 23rd, 2006
For Immediate Release




Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club to Carry the DVD



Little Rock, AR (August 23, 2006)—Mr. Christmas, a heartwarming family movie that won the “Best Feature Film for Kids” award at the Los Angeles Moondance Film Festival in June , arrives in stores nationwide on DVD October 24, 2006 for a suggested retail price of $14.98.


Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club are committed to carrying the DVD this holiday season.


Guaranteed to put anyone of any age in the holiday spirit, Mr. Christmas, from Luminous Films, has also been selected by KIDS FIRST! Film and Video Festival to be shown in up to 45 cities throughout the U.S. during the fourth quarter.  Mr. Christmas will receive its television debut on national PBS in December. 


            The one-hour live-action Mr. Christmas has received a “G” rating from the MPAA and is perfect for the entire family.  It was written, produced and directed by Beth Brickell, a former actress who starred opposite Dennis Weaver in the popular CBS television series, “Gentle Ben.  A graduate of the American Film Institute, two of Ms. Brickell’s other movies, Summer’s End and A Rainy Day, starring Mariette Hartley, have won 23 film festival and television awards.  Those two films have been broadcast on Showtime, A&E, Nickelodeon and PBS. 


Mr. Christmas stars Jace McLean,  Jen Celene Little, Ireland Rose Maddox, and Abigail Kinslow.  Set in 1941, it is about a young father, Joel, who can’t afford to buy his five-year-old daughter the bicycle she’s expecting Santa Claus to bring her for Christmas.  The dilemma creates a crisis of confidence for Joel in his role as father, husband and family breadwinner.  The story is about the true meaning of Christmas and family – that both are about love and not material gifts.


FamilyLife Today calls the film, “A warm, family film that parents and children will enjoy together,” and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette says it is “A true gift.”  Library Journal, School Library Journal, and American Library Association’s Booklist have all given it rave reviews for quality family entertainment and have predicted that the movie “will be a holiday classic.”


For more information please visit




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Note to editors:  Producer available for interviews.  Cover art and screen shots available by contacting or available for download at



All About John Deere for Kids Part 4 DVD to be Released 10/4/06

Posted in Press Releases on August 23rd, 2006

For Immediate Release

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Harvesting Your Child’s Educational Growth


Live-Action Children’s DVD Series Continues

Exploration of the John Deere Fleet

“All About John Deere for Kids Part  4” Available on DVD October 3, 2006

 New < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Buffalo, Michigan (August 23, 2006) – The John Deere fleet of machines is larger, more diverse and more fascinating than ever.  Young enthusiasts who delighted in TM Books & Video’s acclaimed titles “All About John Deere for Kids, Parts 1, 2, and 3” can catch up on all that’s new and improved – as well as visit the equipment of old – in “All About John Deere for Kids, Part 4.
 Released by TM Books & Video and producers Tom McComas and Joe Stachler, the live-action “All About John Deere for Kids” DVD series presents an exciting mix of new and vintage equipment from the company that has become as American as apple pie. Each fact-filled segment, backed by lively original music by composer and songwriter James Coffey, introduces the John Deere fleet of farm and construction machines in action and shows what they do and how they do it.  
 In “All About John Deere for Kids, Part 4,” viewers will have a curbside seat to the “Festival of Lights,” an annual parade held each December in Palm Springs, California, featuring awe-inspiring floats adorned with miles of Christmas lights.  Local businesses compete for the Chairman’s Trophy, awarded to the most spectacular entry.  Will the John Deere 9520, decorated with over 20,000 Christmas lights, win?
  A 60-year-old John Deere started out a rusty old tractor in Part 1.  In Part 4 it’s bright and shiny – just like new. We see the entire restoration process – taking it apart, sandblasting, painting, and putting it back together. 
 Take a trip to John Deere Heaven, a fanciful world of trains and tractors where “everything is mellow and even the cows are green and yellow!” See John Deere Wheel Loaders move dirt, sand, gravel and rocks; learn how farmers harvest hay using both square and round hay balers; visit the Pumpkin Festival in Colorado where vintage John Deere corn shellers, threshing machines, and tractors fascinate both the young and old; and play the “Name Game” – see how quickly you can identify the many animals found on a farm.
 TM has produced over 50 children’s titles for companies like John Deere, Caterpillar, Boeing Aircraft, and Lionel Trains. TM’s successful formula combines humor, music, and facts with a sweet spirit that is enjoyed by both kids and grown-ups.
 “All About John Deere for Kids” DVDs retail for $14.95 each (VHS are $12.95 each). Release date for Part 4 is October 3, 2006.  Running time is approximately 45 minutes. To order call 1-800-892-2822 or visit are $12.95 each) 
 About TM Books & Video
TM Books & Video is licensed to produce children’s videos by Caterpillar, John Deere, Boeing Aircraft, Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry, Tonka, and Lionel Trains. Their best-selling series, I Love Toy Trains, produced in 1993, has won many awards and gained national exposure in People, USA Today and numerous hobby journals.  The company has released over 65 titles, including I Love CAT Machines, All About Cowboys, I Love Big Machines, and the Celebrity series featuring the toy train layouts of Frank Sinatra, Tom Snyder and Mandy Patinkin. 
 Producer Tom McComas, who ran his own production company in Chicago in the 1970s, is an authority on toy trains and his appearance on the Tom Snyder Show generated the largest viewer response in the show’s history.  He has since been featured in numerous national publications including New York Magazine, USA Today and the Chicago Tribune.  He is co-author of the definitive work on Lionel trains.  Together with Joe Stachler, cameraman, editor and writer who joined TM’s production team in 1995, McComas produced Lionel’s 100th Anniversary special for PBS.
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Title:                             All About John Deere, Part 4
Category:                      Children of all ages
R/T:                              Approximately 45 minutes
Release Date:               October 3, 2006
Order Date:                  September 5, 2006
SRP:                             DVD: $14.95; includes noncommercial public performance rights
                                    VHS:  $12.95; includes noncommercial public performance rights
Format:                         Color/live-action/original songs by James Coffey
 Press Information:
Andrea Blain
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